The web is full of iPhone 8 rumors but is ready to show you the worlds premiere of the real iPhone 8 sneak preview, the prototype which manufacturing companies are using to design their cases for it. Below you can find pictures and videos of the real prototype exclusively from! (Click here for the Italian version)



iPhone 8 is finally here and few pictures and videos are here to put an end to rumors about Apple’s latest gen.


Straightaway, we can start by confirming some of the rumors that came out online, and we will show you one new feature that no-one has even discussed.


We can start confirming that the iPhone 8 display will be with the very low edges and the body with almost no edges at all and we can also say that the rumors about the possibility to see a display like the Galaxy S8 with Infinity Edge display are finally dismissed.





Italiamac shows you the iPhone 8


The new cutting of the display into this special shape is able to show the image on both side of the front part redesigning the status bar, cutting it in two part. On the front part there are cuts for the front camera, facial recognition sensors and front speaker.


The Home button is finally removed from the front and there is no cut on the back indicating that Touch ID may well have been integrated into the display but our source hasn’t provided us with any indications about it.  (Click here for the Italian version)





The size of the display with 5.8 inch is also confirmed with slightly larger device dimensions than the 4.7 inch iPhone models. For instance, the size of the iPhone 8 will be: 71 mm wide, 144 mm high and 7 mm deep (approximately).





Let’s now confirm another rumor that we’ve seen previously in some of the alleged images of the next iPhone, it seems that the power button has been stretched and the SIM slot has been moved a bit down.  (Click here for the Italian version)




One big surprise about iPhone 8


Talking about the back part, the rear camera has a double vertical lens with a double flash (maybe TrueTrone) between both lenses. The back is made of glass remembering somehow the iPhone4/4s design with the usual aluminium body between the front part and the back part like a bumper.


One big surprise we can see is that there’s a Smart Connector on the back, Smart Connector for first introduced with the iPad Pro. We don’t know what this connector might do but we can guess that Apple will show some third party accessory like cases or other type of interfaces.





We expect that the iPhone 8 will be presented in September and that will be equipped with Pearl ID, a new facial recognition feature, as well as Touch ID integrated on the display it self.

From the Home Pod Firmware we have also learned that the rear camera will be able to record 4K video at 60 fps as well as the front camera.

It will be also packed with wireless charging and Lighting connector, just as the speculations have suggested. Let us know what you think via comments.  (Click here for the Italian version)


Italiamac’s Exclusive Video about iPhone 8










Sneak preview!! Italiamac is able to show you the new iPhone 8 world premiere, thanks to one of the prototypes that manufacturing companies use to pack their enclosures. Here you will find photos and videos of the real scoop!



iPhone 8 photo gallery by Italiamac




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