Dopo parecchie settimane di indiscrezioni e voci di corridoio è ufficiale, Qualcomm ha acquistato NXP, azienda leader di semiconduttori che fornisce i chip NFC e co-processori serie “M” per gli iPhone di Apple.
NXP ha circa 45,000 impiegati in più di 35 paesi e fornisce chip a parecchie aziende produttrici di Smartphone tra cui Apple.

Pare che Qualcomm abbia pagato NXP, per l’acquisizione, ben $47 miliardi e stima di guadagnarne approssimativamente $30 miliardi per anno.
La transazione dovrà seguir parecchi iter burocratici e probabilmente l’acquisizione slitterà non prima della fine del 2017.

Questa notizia pare sia molto importante per tutte le industrie di semiconduttori in quanto rappresenta la più grande acquisizione della storia.



Ogni iPhone dall’iPhone 5s in poi è dotato di almeno due componenti forniti da NXP. L’iPhone 5s è stato dotato di primo chip a 64-bit A7 e co-processore di movimento M7 fornito dall’azienda sopracitata. Ecco perché questa acquisizione è molto importante per Apple e non solo.

Ecco l’email che siamo riusciti ad ottenere da una nostra fonte interna all’aziende e di cui non possiamo rivelare le credenziali:

October 27, 2016

To: All NXP Employees

Today, we announced that NXP has agreed to be acquired by Qualcomm in a transaction with an enterprise value of $47 billion. Click here to see press release. The combination is based on compelling strategic logic that brings together two highly successful and complementary industry leaders creating the semiconductor industry powerhouse to focus on secure connections for the smarter world. The combined company would have annual revenues of more than $30 billion. As the transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and other closing conditions, the acquisition will likely not close until the end of calendar 2017. For now, and until the close of the transaction, it will be business as usual, and all of us need to stay focused on our current responsibilities, and remain committed to meeting and surpassing the expectations of our customers. It is critical that we maintain the strong momentum we have worked so hard to establish as a team. Let me offer some context on why we are so excited by what this transaction means for NXP. As we all know, over the last several years we have collectively worked hard to successfully transform NXP into the company it is today. Thanks to you, NXP is a stronger and significantly more competitive company than ever before in its history. At the same time, the semiconductor industry is undergoing continued and rapid change where the marketplace increasingly rewards those who possess the most complete solutions portfolio, scale, size, and global reach. The highly complementary nature of our world-class technologies, products and channels and our shared cultures of innovation makes us ideal partners. As a result of combining NXP with Qualcomm, we will have all the elements in place to achieve our vision of secure connections for the smarter world, combining advanced computing and connectivity with security and high performance mixed-signal electronics including microcontrollers and application processors. Jointly, we will be able to provide industry leading and more complete solutions which in turn will allow us to further enhance our leadership positions, and expand our already strong partnerships with our broad customer base in our key verticals of automotive, consumer & industrial IoT and device level security. The combination also reinforces our automotive number one leadership position by adding leadership positions in telematics, connectivity and high-end processing & artificial intelligence to our portfolio, enabling end-to-end solutions for ADAS and ultimately autonomous vehicles. Qualcomm’s advances in 5G are driving the next disruptive trend in the industry. 5G will enable new use cases and business models for NXP’s products and solutions, creating opportunities from end-nodes to infrastructure across the broadest range of product categories & applications. The complementary products and technologies from both companies will allow us to provide more complete and innovative system solutions for our customer base. Based on all of your hard work over the past few years, we enter this transaction from a position of strength and momentum. This combination will provide NXP employees with new and exciting opportunities. Over the next several months, an integration team comprised of Qualcomm and NXP executives will carefully analyze the operations of our two companies to ensure that we are best structured to succeed in the marketplace. And, while we are very early in the process, we expect the vast majority of NXP’s team will have the opportunity to be integrated into the new company. We are aware that a number of our team members are still working on the NXP-Freescale merger integration process and it is important to continue these activities to build a solid foundation for the combination with Qualcomm. In closing, let me emphasize that we have reached this exciting milestone for our business as a result of your hard work and dedication, and our combined company will win by continuing to leverage your tremendous talents and contributions. Thank you for all of your hard work, and we look forward to a bright future for our company, employees, customers, shareholders and partners.

Rick Clemmer CEO


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